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Road Trips in Northern California

The greatest thing about Sacramento is the fact that it's within driving distance of so many great places! Not that Sacramento isn't a cool place as it is, but when all else fails, make it a roadie!

1. Lake Tahoe (1.5 - 2 HOURS)
A road trip to Tahoe at 2 in the morning is one of the best things about being in Sacramento. Drive up, drop a few bills, and be back in time for that 10 a.m. Biology lab. Is college great, or what? Tahoe is awesome year round. Great beaches, parks, ski slopes, and some of the glitz of Aspen. It's gotten pricey, so bring the plastic.


2. Hit the slopes (45 MINUTES - 2 HOURS)
Sacramento is 45 minutes away from Boreal, Sugar Bowl, and some of the other places. Bring your boards or skis and don't forget the student ID if you are a student. Most places will give you a student discount. An hour or so and you're on the slopes.


3. The City By the Bay (2 HOURS)
San Francisco is a popular destination for those looking for stuff to do on the weekends. Your best idea is to come in by BART though. Parking and traffic is a mess over there - so plan a trip that's within walking distance of a BART station (about half of the city), or be prepared to pay very expensive parking fees.


4. Hit the beaches (2 - 3 HOURS)
Go down Highway 1 and you've got a ton of options - Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, Capitola, whatever. The cheapest way to do it is pack a cooler of beverages and go camping. Most campgrounds require reservations, so plan ahead or find another place to crash for the night.


5. Napa Valley Wine Country (2 HOURS)
Pack up a picnic and your significant other and go drink some free wine! What's not to like about that? Napa Valley is very well known throughout the country for its great wineries and the beautiful countryside. This is definitely a great location to take a date, or wife when she's mad at you for playing poker on your anniversary.


6. NorCal Lakes
A great weekend adventure may include a houseboating trip on some great Northern California Lakes. Lake Shasta is about 3 hours away and has lots of places to explore, Lake Berryessa is about an hour north of Davis, and Lake Oroville is about an hour and a half from Sacramento. Lake Oroville is also home to a unique feature - floating campgrounds.


7. Reno
Reno always plays second banana to Tahoe, but it's got some cool aspects to it. Besides he obvious casinos, it has some great golf courses, cool areas like Sparks, and  many, many pawn shops. Maybe you'll find your old XBox that disappeared when your roommates' shady friends were over!


8. Chico (3 HOURS)
Sac State definitely holds its own as for partying, but Chico State has been infamous for years for their killer parties. The school itself is a beautiful campus... but we're not fooled, we now you re just going because you have a friend there who told you about a raging keg party.





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